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Marketing Databases: Build and Maintain Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 12:14:30 PM

Successful Lead Generation Campaigns Depend Upon Your Marketing Database

What’s the database development and maintenance scene like in your firm? Have a best practice or success stories you want to share? Comment below!


Eleventh in a series of posts about the transformations in CPA, financial services, law and consulting firm marketing (New Rules for Professional Services Marketing)

If you’re in need of some entertainment, the next strategic marketing meeting your firm has, stand up and boldly proclaim, “We have to fix our database AGAIN!”

Then, watch everyone rush out of the meeting at the speed of light, cursing and mumbling under their breath.

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, CPA Firm Marketing

How to Use a Survey for Lead Generation and New Business – Part 1

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 12:07:37 PM

Does It Have “Legs”?

It was very very early in my career in marketing when I first heard this question.

I remember sitting around a conference table with a weary grizzled (and often drunk) old VP of Account Services, and a young and terrified creative director who was pitching an idea for an account. I just can’t remember if it was for frozen french-fries or fashion sunglasses. The creative droned on and on while all the while, the VP was intensely securitizing ceiling tiles and whistling the Sailor’s Hornpipe.

Finally, he exploded.

“Blah, blah, blah,” he sneered, snorted and screamed, “I don’t see it. DOES IT HAVE LEGS??!!!?”

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Topics: lead generation, professional services marketing

5.4 Billion Degrees F of Digital Lead Generation Fusion

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 12:02:32 PM

Leads Never Stop Once You Get Your Lead Gen Fusion Reactor Started... But It’s Not Easy!

Who doesn’t think that the premise and promise of fusion energy isn’t thrilling?

There was a great article in a recent issue of Time magazine (“A Star is Born;” Vol. 186, No. 18, 2015) about the future of fusion energy. With private, entrepreneurial companies reaching new milestones at a fast and furious pace, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that it’s now not a matter of how, but when. Of course, that “when” is a pretty big deal, and it will be interesting to see what comes first: Fusion or Chelsea Clinton’s run for President.

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Topics: content marketing, lead generation, marketing strategies and tactics

Put Inbound Marketing Into Your Survey and See Leads and New Biz Bucks Flow In!

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:57:51 AM

Using a Survey for Lead Generation and New Business – Part V

In a couple of weeks it will be time for Inbound Marketing 2015 and the skinny is that about 15,000 inbound marketers and HubSpot enthusiasts are going to show up.

That’s a lot different from the first conference I attended back in 2011 where the attendance was about 1,000!

Over the years, I’ve gone to all of the conferences. A few years ago I went to a session at one of these where there was a presentation delivered by Rand Fishkin of SEOMOz, who talked about storytelling and how stories should be used as a centerpiece of inbound marketing.

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Topics: lead generation, professional services marketing

More Responses, No Flop Surveys: 8 Tips for Recruiting Survey Takers

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:55:03 AM

How CPA, consulting and other professional service firms can use surveys for lead generation – Part IV

Imagine you've just put a bow on a fantastic survey.

You've gathered input from your business development and sales teams, set goals around what you want to uncover, constructed thoughtful questions, and considered future pieces of content to package from your results. It's pretty and polished, and you pat yourself on the back thinking of the minds that will be blown by the insights revealed.

Weeks later, instead of answering that business reporter's calls about your groundbreaking results, you're wondering why your survey has been completed by a total of four respondents, not including your sister.

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Topics: lead generation, professional services marketing

Counterfeit $100 Bills, Impatience and Lead Nurturing Strategies for Accountants

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:50:25 AM

The Formula for a Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy: Patience + Relevant Content = More Sales Opportunities

I got angry when I went to the bank the other day and had to wait on line for what seemed like an eternity to see a teller to get some cash so I could pay a roofing contractor.
After the eternity passed (like 4 or 5 minutes) I finally, finally, got the cash but here’s what happened. It turns out that the bank actually gave me hundred dollar counterfeit bills, which I then used to pay my bill. Imagine my surprise when the next day when I got a call from the contractor that when he tried to use one of the bills at Kentucky Fried Chicken, it started a string of events that eventually included the bank, Sherriff’s department and Secret Service.
The universe sure does work in mysterious ways. (There’s more to this story, so stay tuned !)
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Topics: business development, lead generation, marketing automation, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing

How Much Should You Budget for Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:04:38 AM

The Death Knell for Branded Pizza Cutters

I want you to notice something right up front.
I didn’t title this blog post “how much does inbound marketing cost” because if I did, I’d be drummed out of the inbound marketing industry and stripped of my inbound marketing epaulets, all recorded for posterity on YouTube.
Inbound marketing is all about return on investment, built on a foundation of quantifiable goals and objectives, and strategies and tactics for solving marketing problems like getting more website traffic, converting website visitors to leads and nurturing leads to sales.
It’s a lot more than just a line item on the firm’s budget and P&L. 

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, Consulting Firm Marketing, professional services marketing

What is a Lead Generation Campaign?

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 10:28:46 AM

8 Characteristics of a Lead Generation Campaign That Every Professional Service Firm Should Know

I’m one of those fair weather/watch the playoffs baseball fans, but I do appreciate it when my friend and CPA Tom takes me to see our local minor league team – the Rochester Red Wings – who are doing pretty well this year. Sure, it might cost me a huge amount of money to keep him supplied with craft beer and Zwiegle hot dogs at the game in the ways of thanks (I think that’s his strategy BTW), but
I appreciate the offer nonetheless. But this week, I just happened to catch the last couple of innings of a Phillies/Cubs game where Cole Hamels pitched a 13 strike no-hitter. Wow. What a thrill to see history made.
It got me thinking about how many professional service firms swing, miss and are no hit when they try their hand at lead generation campaigns.
That’s probably because most professional service companies don’t think in terms of lead generation campaigns. Often, they do one shot marketing efforts aimed at finding prospects at the bottom of the sales funnel, generally in the form of a letter, email or phone call that asks if the prospect “.... is looking for a new (fill in the blank of what type of professional service firm you are)”.
The net effect: few if any new clients and you’ve swung, missed and generally ignored the 99.5% of the target market who are just not ready to buy. Then, when budget time rolls around and there’s no results from this one off campaign, the hue and cry from partners is that “marketing doesn’t work so let’s not put more money into it”.
Really? Perhaps the problem is a mixture of impatience and the need to better understand what lead generation and lead generation campaigns are all about.

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Topics: lead generation, professional services marketing

How to Stop C-Suiters from Grimacing When Pitching for a New or Upgraded Website

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 10:26:20 AM

Spoiler alert: talk about 3 ways that your company’s website is going to convert visitors into leads and sales

Somewhere between getting proposals and quotes for a new website for your company and the roll of antacids you’ll be gobbling after you make your budget pitch to the C Suite, you’ll need to develop a strong message about the ROI you hope to achieve.
It’s not about “hits” (you’re in trouble right off the bat if they start talking about this concept that went out of use a decade ago), keywords you want to rank on (nobody can tell anymore), visitors to the site, or engagement stats like bounce rates or pages per visit.

If you want to talk ROI, you need to be talking about turning the website into a lead generation dynamo and how you’ll use the site to acquire leads that can then be nurtured into sales.
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Topics: content marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, professional services marketing

What Does it Take to Pull Off an Effective Integrated Lead Generation Campaign?

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 23, 2016 10:47:35 AM

Strategy first. Executions last. 7 Questions to get you there.

OK, I’m going to ‘fess up.

Among my ten all time absolute favorite things to do is putting together integrated lead generation campaigns. Ah! There’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly baked lead generation campaign idea, hot out of the oven, sprinkled with a healthy dose of optimism and enthusiasm.

What makes it even better is when the campaign is humming along and generating leads and sales.

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing

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