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What is Lead Flow? [VIDEO]

Posted by Dani Buckley

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February 28, 2019

Lead flow is a very important, and often-overlooked, step when building an inbound marketing or lead generation strategy. In this one-minute video, I touch on what lead flow is, who is involved, what the process looks like, and more.


Lead flow is a very important, and often-overlooked, step when building an inbound marketing or lead generation strategy

What is lead flow?

We define "lead flow" as the plan for what is going to happen to a new lead after they become a lead. 

Simple, right? You do all of this work on the marketing end to drive visitors to your site and generate leads, but then what?

What is involved in a lead flow plan?

Here's a few questions to get you started thinking about your lead flow plan:

  • What are the steps that need to be taken?
  • Who's involved at which steps? 
  • How do you define different lifecycle stages? 
  • Who's qualifying the leads? And how? 
  • Who's handing them off to sales? And how? 
  • When are leads being handed off to sales?
  • When is the CRM used and how are you going to track everything?
  • How is marketing going to get feedback from sales on the leads?
  • How is the lead being nurtured? 1:1 by your sales team or is it automated? 

All of these questions above are things that need to be considered and steps that need to be defined amongst your marketing and sales teams to properly follow up with your leads and turn them into customers. Inbound marketing should not just be about visitor to lead conversions, but also lead to customer... and your lead flow plan is essential for that! 

Lead flow is a vital piece to a successful inbound marketing or lead generation strategy that you should not be overlooked if you want to increase your revenue and improve ROI.

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