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Simple Lead Qualifying Hacks [VIDEO]

Posted by Dean Moothart

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June 21, 2019

lead qualificationSometimes when you generate leads via inbound marketing, you can get a lot of information about your prospects and leads when they fill out a lead capture form. It really depends, though, on what you're willing to ask.

You can ask things like name, phone number, email, company name, industry, revenue, and more. There's a lot of different variables you can ask for.

The tricky part is, when you ask for too much information, you might limit the number of people that are willing to provide all of that to you. Consequently, this might limit the number of leads you could generate.


Sometimes, you want to limit the number of questions you ask in your lead capture forms. This is really a balancing act, and a lot of times it requires a lot of experimentation.

There are times that you might just ask for an email address. If that's the case, you might generate a lot of leads with that form. But then, as a salesperson, or even a marketing person that's attempting to determine if these are qualified leads, how do you determine that if that's all the information you have?

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Here are a few simple hacks to help you qualify leads from online forms.

If the contact has a corporate email address, you can typically determine what company they are with and you can determine their name. With a little detective work, you can then find their company website and find their phone number. You can go to LinkedIn and find their title and position. You can fill in a lot of gaps with just a little extra work.

But what happens if they don't use their corporate email address? A lot of times, people use their Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address, and this detective work can be a little more challenging. In these instances, you might get a phone number and a Gmail address, and many times, you can still determine the person's name from this email address. If you can, you can leverage LinkedIn, type in that person's name, and possibly determine what company they are with and what they do.

If it's a unique name, this might be easy. But what happens if you type in that name and 10-12 people pop up in your search? This is where the phone number can come in handy. If you have the area code, you can look at their LinkedIn profile and determine what region or area of the country or the world they are in, then zero in to determine which individual filled that form. 

These are some simple hacks you can try to help you qualify your leads. The key is to use the resources you have available to fill in the gaps (websites, Google, and LinkedIn) and help you properly qualify the leads you capture from your simple forms

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