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Generate More Leads with These Website Optimization Hacks [Infographic]

Posted by LeadG2

November 22, 2017


You built your website so that prospects would find you, get convinced they need your products and/or services, and call for a consultation, sign up for your marketing, or make a purchase, right? The goal of your website is to generate leads. What if you could optimize your site so that it was more effective at cranking out leads for you? That’s what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about.

CRO is a structured approach to improve the performance of your site. It’s widely used by eCommerce sites and other B2C sites, but B2B marketers are beginning to learn just how powerful CRO can make their sites as well — meaning your competitors probably haven’t taken advantage of all CRO has to offer yet.

The value of CRO is that it makes use of the site traffic you already have, even if it’s not a lot. Yes, you should be focusing on attracting qualified prospects to your site, but what happens when they get there? You don’t want to waste good leads by having them leave due to a not-so-hot user experience.

This infographic, developed by Salesforce and Ghergich, offers an in-depth look at how companies can implement CRO to generate more leads, including:

  • Improve site speed.

  • Declutter your pages.

  • Make copy action-oriented.

  • Focus on your calls-to-action.

  • Provide social proof.

Check it out.
CRO Optimization Hacks

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