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Weekly Roundup: How to Get More Traffic and Leads, Video Strategies + More

Amanda Meade

How to Get More Traffic and Leads, Video Strategies

LeadG2's Weekly Roundup features some of the top sales and marketing blog posts, articles, and resources we've recently found online. We've complied some of our weekly favorites to help you advance in your career and build top marketing and sales teams. If we missed an article that you feel should be featured, let us know!

Featured Article

Four Industries Well-Suited For The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound marketing has proven effective for all businesses that implement the right strategies. From business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) to companies with simple solutions and ones with complex multi-decision-maker sales processes, research  shows that with the inbound marketing methodology applied businesses generate leads and improve sales performance.

At LeadG2, we provide guidance to organizations who are exploring the potential impact inbound marketing can have on their growth objectives. Many of our discussions are with executives from four specific industries Media, Staffing and Recruiting, Professional Services, and PEO/HRO. These industries are particularly well-suited for inbound marketing, and here's why. >>> READ MORE

More Sales and Marketing Articles Found Online This Week

subscribe to LeadG2 blogHow to Get More B2B Traffic and Leads With ContentSocial Media Examiner

An effective multi-platform social media strategy is necessary to make the most of your B2B content. From the plethora of available tactics and analytics, a good strategy boils down to providing value in exchange for user engagement.

While generating leads remains at the forefront for a lot of businesses, incorporating social media into the process can add a creative edge to the way it’s traditionally done. >>> READ MORE

Why You Need to Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy in Advance–Lemonlight

Wouldn’t it be great if you could significantly boost your company’s marketing reach, web traffic, leads, sales, and bottom line with a single initiative that could be integrated into many different campaigns and distributed across many different platforms? Well, you can!

The statistics don’t lie—consumers today prefer watching videos to reading text. Whether your goal is to engage prospects, attract new ones, or build trust with customers, if you’re considering an investment in video production for your business, you want to begin with the end in mind. >>>READ MORE

10 Common Landing Page Myths to AvoidHubSpot

Keep reading so you don't miss out on information that'll help you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. HubSpot debunk's the most common landing page myths and arms you with information to take your landing pages to the next level. >>>READ MORE

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Create More Shareable Content With This Checklist (+6 Tools)–Alexa Blog

In a world of social shares and viral content, what good is an amazing piece of content if no one sees it?

If you want your content to stand out with a large number of shares, you need to answer some important questions first. Once you’ve successfully done that, you can focus on getting your target audience to hit that share button and maximize exposure through your content marketing strategy! >>>READ MORE

Virtual Onboarding: Examples, Advice, and a Checklist–The Center for Sales Strategy

When should your relationship with people start? Before they walk in the door for their first day on the job.

However, if you’ve transitioned to a remote workforce and never conducted virtual onboarding, you may find yourself challenged on how to develop these relationships and help new hires get started off on the right foot. >>>READ MORE

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Weekly Roundup: Make Content Integral to Your Lead Gen, How to Post on LinkedIn + More