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About the Author


Meet Matt Sunshine

Matt Sunshine is a Managing Partner at The Center for Sales Strategy – the leading sales performance, consulting and training firm and LeadG2 a premier inbound marketing services agency.  He advises a wide variety of B2B organizations including media and online/digital clients in major Cities across the United States and Canada.

Matt is most valued by his colleagues and clients for his innovative thinking and ability to always stay ahead of the curve. Prior to joining The Center for Sales Strategy in 2006, Matt worked in radio, serving as the Group Director of Sales Development for Susquehanna Radio Corp and the General Sales Manager for their stations in Dallas, Texas.  He directed Susquehanna’s Advanced Sales Academy, headed up the New Media Initiative, and served on the Sales Advisory Council of the Radio Advertising Bureau.  Frequently serving as a keynote speaker, moderator, or panelist, Matt has provided audiences with expertise related to lead generation, inbound marketing, digital marketing, sales process, growing sales organizations, and finding and developing sales superstars.  He is also a featured writer for one of the top sales blogs in America, a regular contributor to magazines and other leading business blogs, a triathlete, and Ironman competitor.  Matt most treasures the unconditional support he receives from his wife and twin daughters at home. 

He sees inbound marketing as a necessary next step for companies who want to thrive in the 21st Century, and he wrote LeadG2: Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands to help.

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