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Hiregy successfully converted their old blog to the new HubSpot platform, and all blog posts and landing pages were optimized in less than 30 days, which immediately contributed to strengthening their communication and email marketing campaigns with both current and past clients, as well as new prospects. 

The Problem:

Hiregy is a Tampa-based staffing and recruitment agency. When they teamed up with The Center for Sales Strategy they already had a website and blog, but were looking for that strategic partner to help them take it to the next level, and start generating real results.

They already understood how inbound marketing could help them develop thought leadership and provide those much needed leads, however they just weren’t seeing the results they wanted with their current inbound marketing efforts. Their visitors and page views were high, but lead conversion wasn’t where they wanted it to be.

The most successful aspect of Hiregy’s quick start story was their ability to fully launch their new blog in less than 30 days! The Hiregy team experienced some early successes by engaging current clients with their new premium content and expanding their reach by tapping into their current database in order to extend their inbound marketing efforts.

The Plan:

Over the next 30 days the Hiregy team worked hard at creating new posts and premium content quickly, to ensure a funnel of content was available and ready for publication in time for the launch. With the help of The Center for Sales Strategy, they were able to quickly facilitate the design of the new blog, import and optimize their old blog posts, create new landing pages and contact forms with the HubSpot software for more in-depth tracking, and prepare their website for the launch of their new blog. 
A social strategy was also put into place to help promote the blog and extend their reach to current and potential customers.

The Performance:

  • They saw success utilizing the HubSpot CMS platform to communicate their message with current, past, and potential clients already in their internal database.

  • By tapping into their already established communication rapport with their database of clients and prospects – it only took a simple email, sent out to about 550 contacts, to generate over 160 downloads almost immediately.

  • They’ve increased engagement on social media and increased lead conversion overall through these efforts.

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