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Appointment Lab

Are your sellers going on enough appointments? No? Read on.

The Problem: Sellers are not going on enough quality appointments.

A quality appointment is an appointment that is scheduled in advance, with a clear agenda that includes either conducting a needs analysis or discussing ideas specifically related to a previously identified assignment. We've learned that the lack of activity is a universal problem and not the result of a lack of effort. In fact, salespeople may be working harder today on their approach than ever before!

Why is it harder to schedule quality appointments?

  • More salespeople are in the marketplace
  • There are fewer buyers
  • People have more sophisticated ways to ignore sellers now (caller ID and voicemail changed the game)
  • Email has allowed buyers to keep sellers at a distance
  • The internet allows buyers to learn about your category or specific products and services, without a salesperson even being present

 We find that the average seller is often going on only 1-3 quality appointments per week.  Imagine what  could happen if every seller went on 5-7 quality calls per week? Sound too good to be true?  We assure you it’s not!



The Solution: The Appointment Lab.

The most important thing a salesperson can do is sell. The problem is they have no one to sell to without a quality appointment. Most salespeople are not very good at setting appointments because:

  • It’s only one thing they have to do from a long list of other responsibilities.
  • It's not focused on consistently to keep the funnel full—in good times and bad.
  • It’s a part-time venture for them and they never improve upon this skill.

The Appointment Lab Can Help

We follow a proven seven step process over a 16-day period to set appointments where the prospect is actually excited about seeing your people. This is not a boiler room operation making 5,000 calls to a questionable list, and delivering 2-3% of those calls as shaky appointments that won’t go anywhere. We will work with you to identify 80 prospects that meet your ideal customer profile and set high-quality appointments. Typically, we are successful in setting appointments with 22% of your prospects—that can change your revenue in a hurry.

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Benefits of Using the Appointment Lab 

Here are just a few of the benefits that are derived from our Appointment Lab.


Reallocation of time and resources

Spend more time at appointments and closing deals vs chasing down desicion makers.  


Less time Researching Leads

Can't find a valid phone number for a prospect or a current email address? We do the hard work


Keep appointments flowing in

You need to focus on getting new prospects. We focus on keeping your sales reps calendar full. 


Increase overall capacity

Do more each day and close more business. We set the appointments, you close the business. 


Uncovering great prospects

We can assist in determining whether or not it's a good prospect or a great prospect!


Increase Close ratio

Having appointments with qualified prospects makes sure that you are not wasting your time. 

Start Setting Quality Appointments

Let us set the right appointments for you. You might find that you will get a better return on your investment than hiring another salesperson; while keeping your current sales staff busier with quality appointments.

Maybe it's time to consider a new approach to setting appointments. Learn how by downloading our FREE eBook "Eight Secrets to Setting High-Quality Appointments".

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Take 30 Minutes and Learn How We Can Help You Get New Leads and Set Appointments with Them! 

As one of the only inbound marketing agencies with a foundation in sales training and sales performance we understand how to help companies generate leads and sales using social media and inbound marketing. 

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