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About sTEVE


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Steve Fawthrop | New Client Development

A few fun facts about me:

  • I was raised in a large family. I am #7 of 9 children. And yes, I was the smartest and cutest.

  • In college I DJ'd to help pay my way through school. Lots of weddings and class reunions, and the occasional private party.

  • I am a supporter of libraries as a valuable community asset and serve on the board of the Friends of the Seattle Public Library.

  • I am the father of two young adults stepping out into the world. My son is working for a start-up in Portland, and my daughter is "living the life" in NYC working for an upscale woman's fashion brand.

Notes about my expertise in inbound marketing:

  • Inbound marketing is closely tied into a successful sales process. I studied advertising in college, and my career in media and marketing has always been in some sort of sales role, so I have long recognized the importance of the two working together to be more effective.

  • Proof? I had my own personal computer at the office of my first sales job and bought myself a copy of ACT! to manage my contacts.

  • Media and advertising has evolved the last 25 years, and inbound marketing, through the growth of the internet and power of digital communications, has evolved into a valuable way to build business for companies, especially those involved in sophisticated products or services where intellectual capital is your key distinguisher for success.

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