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Sales Playbook

by LeadG2

Sell Smarter and Faster With a Comprehensive And Customized Playbook

Whether you have 1 salesperson or 200, every organization needs a documented and repeatable process for their sales team to follow. The Sales Playbook by LeadG2 and The Center for Sales Strategy is a comprehensive resource that gives your salespeople what they need, when they need it, to ensure they sell smarter and faster. 

Our team works with sales and marketing leadership to create your custom Sales Playbook, ensuring you have a step-by-step process to align your sales process with your buyer's journey. Following best practices and pulling from your own internal subject matter experts, combined with our years of experience, this custom-built document will align with your unique needs to ensure every salesperson has what they need to increase sales and revenue. 

What's Included

& Audit

In our thorough discovery stage, we'll extract important information from key people on your team while uncovering the best course of action and strategy for your organization. 

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Your Sales Playbook

Every Sales Playbook we create is built, designed, and customized to fit your unique needs, industry, and organization. It's all delivered in a final, editable file so that you can managed it for years to come. 

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Sales Enablement Content

A standard Sales Playbook includes 50 content points that will be used for the creation of assets to run your sales plays. This includes email templates, call scripts, and miscellaneous content or resources to help educate and engage with prospects (for example: infographics, videos, case studies, one-sheets, etc.) Additional content points can be purchased to help boost your sales enablement needs.

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Customized Training

After the Sales Playbook is delivered to and approved by your leadership team, your managers and salespeople will receive extensive training on how to best use the Sales Playbook along with best practices and strategic tips to ensure successful deployment. 

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Investment and Timing

Every Partnership is customized to fit your unique needs. The Sales Playbook starts at $35,000. 




The Typical Chapters in a Sales Playbook Include:

  • Company Overview
  • Lead Definitions
  • Product & Services Overview with Key Positioning
  • CRM Usage & Guidelines
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Sales Organizational Plan
  • Target Persona Profile(s)
  • Up to 12 Unique Sales Plays
  • Buyer's Journey Mapped
  • Up to 3 Competitive Battlecards
  • Sales Process
  • Account List Management Structure
  • Pipeline Development & Deal Stages
  • Sales Enablement Content Organizational Plan
  • Up to 6 Common Objections & Response Talk Tracks


On-Demand Webinar

How to Build a Salesplay that Drives Results & Revenue

Sample Play

Download a sample play, "Getting the First Appointment," from our custom-built Sales Playbook by filling out the form.

Blog Post

5 Benefits of Sales Enablement and a Sales Playbook

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