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The 3 Types of Lead Generation Offers for Professional Service Firms

Posted by Alan Vitberg

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May 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM

inbound_marketing_computer.jpgBy now, you probably know that standard calls-to-action on your website like “Contact Us” or “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” just aren’t enough to get the most value out of your website. You need a variety of different offers convert a visitor into a lead who can then be converted into a client. One of the key rules of thumb for B2B is that most people who come to your website immediately ready to make a purchase. They want to do their research first. That’s especially true for professional services like accounting, consulting, and A/E/C. But different visitors are at different stages in their research. While some visitors may be looking for general information, others may be closer to looking for a solution to an issue or problem they have—and a firm to solve that problem. So what we need to do is address each stage of the sales funnel with quality offers that provide visitors what they may want to have at each stage of the buying process.

Top of the Funnel Offers (TOFU)

Designed to convert a site visitor to a lead using valuable educational (not advertorial) content, TOFU offers for items such as whitepapers, checklists, guides and so forth give your firm an opportunity to showcase its thought leadership as well as collect prospect names and other contact information via a completed form. You’ll get lots of “tire kickers” for TOFU offers, but it’s a necessary part of the qualification and nurturing process.

Middle of the Funnel Offers (MOFU)

MOFU offers represent a next, evolutionary stage in developing a relationship with a prospect, while at the same time qualifying them at deeper and more meaningful levels. A MOFU offer is built upon the premise that a prospect with an identified problem will now turn to looking for solutions to that problem. To influence prospects at this stage of the sales cycle, our offers may come in the form of case studies, webcasts, solution comparison whitepapers, and so forth. Again, we’ll use a CTA, and a landing page with a form to go after these conversions.

Bottom of the Funnel Offers (BOFU)

Intended to reach those prospects at the stage of the buying cycle where they will be making decisions about vendors. Here, our offers may be along the lines of a demo, trial, free consultation, or a ”submit your RFP”. This is the point at which educating a prospect about an issue stops, and educating them about your firm takes center stage.

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