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Kim Peek

Inbound Marketing Consultant



Optimistic. Energetic. Determined.

A couple of fun facts about me:

  • I am married with three daughters and three dogs. Although my girls begged for a dog since they were toddlers, I didn’t let them get one until two weeks before my oldest left for college. We got a second dog three months later.
  • I am a certified running and triathlon coach. There was a time I absolutely hated running, and I still don’t like to swim. I enjoy exploring new cities with an early morning run, and I look forward to races that involve travel.
  • My family loves movies and musicals. My oldest daughter is finishing up her BFA in Acting, and my middle daughter is pursuing her BFA in Film and Photography. All three have participated in community theater, and I am thrilled to provide behind-the-scenes support for their films and productions.

Notes about my expertise in inbound marketing:

  • I started my career in advertising sales and moved into sales management and marketing positions. Having worked in sales, marketing, and management, I understand the importance of collaboration and making sure each team has the tools to succeed.
  • I was part of the original inbound marketing team at The Center for Sales Strategy. I scheduled, uploaded, optimized, and formatted blog posts, and I made sure each had a call-to-action. I’m also that annoying friend who spots the typos that everyone misses—which is a welcome trait when it comes to inbound marketing.
  • I am a life-long learner and a content creator at heart. I create premium content, sales funnels, blog posts, and social media posts on the topics of wellness and personal development for fun. I also research and promote my own podcast.

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