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Spend Less Time Marketing & More Time Putting

Posted by Shannon Delmarle

Feb 18, 2016 1:04:21 PM

Become a One-Click Wizard

inbound marketing using social media

I often get asked by our clients about simple and easy ways to spread and publish their content on their website. After all, the less time and effort you need to do your marketing tasks, the more time you’ll have on the green (or the at the bar, or with your family … you get the drift!)

The fastest way to reaching many eyeballs with the least amount of effort is using social media to spread your message.

Some firms use social media to start, listen to and join in conversations, while other firms have great success in using social media for finding leads. And don’t forget about the benefits of using social media for both corporate and personal brand building!

But this blog posting is about fast and quick and easy ways to leverage your social media accounts for greater reach with the least amount of sweat.

…. with just one-click.

It’s all about getting your friends, followers and connections to spread your word to their friends, followers and connections with one click of their mouse. If you are wondering how this can be done, or some ideas on what to share on your firm’s social media accounts, keep reading…

Here are three tactics that that can help you set up a one-click program and get the official title of “One-Click Wizard”:

  • When creating an offer such as a white paper or e-book or even a webinar, and posting the offer on your website,  add the “share” icons of the different social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc…) right on the landing page for that offer. This allows for the visitor to then share the offer to their personal/business social media accounts, giving you several hundred more eyeballs and a dozen more opportunities to grab a new lead.

  •  If your company is using blogging as a key part of your inbound marketing strategy, then you get the grade A+…but if you are blogging frequently and not publishing this new fresh content to your firm’s social media accounts, you get a F. Social media allows your content to be seen, shared, and commented on…which in turn, are all elements that help your website get found first by search engines. Once you have completed a blog entry, make sure your social media icons are attached so that your blog automatically publishes to each social media account. With one click of a button your content is being pushed all over the internet…it’s like free advertising!

  •  When sending an e-newsletter or email blast to your company’s prospects/clients, don’t forget to add your social media accounts somewhere in the message! Use this email as a second opportunity to gain more fans, more followers, and more visitors to your site. Some email blasting software also allows you to post your monthly newsletters directly to your social media accounts automatically, like Constant Contact. It’s like the old saying, “Kill two birds with one stone.”

Having your friends and followers and fans get your message out with social media sharing is a crazy good way to get more eyeballs to your website or a blog post, or for putting more fannies into seats at your next seminar.

Your firm could never be able to reach out to the whole world without using social media!

Make the social media icons obvious to your visitor. Even suggest they share the content or connect with your firm through social media within the copy of the offer. A powerful and meaningful message can spread like wildfire through the social media scene, so make your marketing count and spend less time spreading the word…and more time tearin’ it up on the green.

 For other tips and guidelines, click here to download our free white paper, Exclusive Reveal - The Best Kept Secrets of Successful Websites.

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