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6 Actionable Ideas to Help CPA Firm Managing Partners Be Better Sales Managers

Posted by Laura MacPherson

Jun 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM

3_consumer_trends_that_you_can_capitalize_on_in_B2B_sales.jpgIf you're a managing partner at a CPA firm, you've probably got sales management on your list of responsibilities. You likely direct, or at least contribute to, the sales strategy of your firm. And while this responsibility is essential, it's not usually something CPAs have been trained in. To help fill in the gaps, we're sharing six actionable ideas from The Center for Sales Strategy blog that you can put into practice today to improve your sales.

1. To Improve Sales Performance, Remember To Switch Your Hat!

Most of your clients are aware of your "heritage" products, but when it comes to some of the more complex products you are capable of delivering, your clients and prospects need to be educated about what they are and—more importantly—how they can use the products to achieve their business goals.

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2. 5 Steps in Creating a Winning Sales Culture

True leaders must understand that they are in the business of coalescing human energy. They must have the ability to build a culture where the team realizes the group goal while utilizing their individual talents to get there. Much like the orchestra they are able to achieve things they would not or could not do alone.

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3. What is Your Sales Strategy—Pitching Proposals or Providing Solutions? 

The best B2B salespeople follow a sales strategy that includes the use of a needs analysis meeting with new business prospects or existing customers. Do you?

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4. Can Sales Ability Really Be Taught?

Can sales ability really be taught? Or is it a natural talent that you are born with? I now know the answer after observing many real-life experiments in nature vs. nurture during our family’s tradition of participating in Lemonade Day.

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5. Breaking the Ice with a New Business Prospect

The best B2B salespeople know the shortest path to a new business prospect's wallet is through a thorough understanding of needs, problems, challenges and opportunities. Wouldn't it be nice if a new business prospect would simply email this information to the salesperson — this would eliminate the need to set an appointment and conduct a needs analysis. That would be a great sales strategy!

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6. The Key to Improving Sales Performance

I recently heard two people talking about the key to sales performance. One person started by saying that the key is to focus on sales process. Then a few minutes later, the other person described hearing a CEO of a very successful company saying he has learned that the key to driving top sales performance is to focus on the numbers. 

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