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25 Easy Kick Starter Ideas for Your CPA or Professional Service Firm's Next 457 Blog Posts


Get inspired. Get busy. Get those partners and SMEs blogging now.

I think that it's a pretty good bet that high on most accounting marketing wish lists is an active and robust blogging program, with lots and lots of high quality content supplied by enthusiastic partners and subject matter experts. Those who dream big and have high hopes might also be entertaining visions of partners lined up outside of their door, copy in hand, pushing and perhaps even offering bribes to be published with all due speed.

Yeah, right.

It's more likely that it's the marketer pushing, cajoling and perhaps doing a bit of bribing to get partners and SMEs to come to the plate with blog posts that will help build site traffic, and even more importantly, generate leads. There are so many reasons why this doesn't happen...take a look at the data from Passle, for some common excuses.

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Source: http://home.passle.net/

But there's also a lot of good reasons why your CPA or accounting firm should be blogging. We've assembled a few of these reasons that you can download and share with your firm.

On Your Mark. Get Set. BLOG!!!!!!

One of the relatively easier issues to solve is the problem of coming up with topics to blog about. While I can't give you specific titles for your next blogs, I can share a few secrets of how the great bloggers are never at a loss for how to come up with ideas to kick start their blogging efforts.

Here' a list of 25 blogging kick starters that will help you - and your subject matter experts - get inspired:

  1. Read other bloggers and hitchhike on their ideas
  2. Search Facebook and Twitter hashtags for trends you can blog about
  3. Dive into your analytics and re-visit topics from posts that did well
  4. Write about new legislation, regulation or code
  5. Write about relevant news or current affairs of interest to your market 
  6. Get inspired by asking your current readers what they are interested in
  7. Look at comments in LinkedIn groups to find topics that are generating a lot of buzz
  8. Look at your site's keyword data to see what visitors are interested in and use that as a launch pad for blogging
  9. Instead of writing something, think about doing a short video or slide show
  10. Write about a solution that you delivered to a client around a particularly hot topic or issue
  11. Do a mega post where you pull together all of the posts you've written about a particular topic or industry niche
  12. Curate content by using your blog to list 5 or 6 blog posts from others about a particular topic or issue
  13. Provide a list of useful information, for example, "The Top 10 ....."
  14. Interview someone and do a Q&A blog post
  15. Keep a notebook with you to jot down ideas when they strike
  16. Answer a question in your blog that no one in your industry is willing to answer
  17. Use a blog post to question the unquestionable 
  18. Write about your vision for the future even if other people consider it impossible or unlikely
  19. Write a "how to" blog piece
  20. Write a review of a book, article, white paper or even another firm's blog
  21. Write of post of tips
  22. Recommend a book, a website, an article or other content that you think your readers might find beneficial
  23. Create and publish a poll
  24. Seek out guest authors and let other people think of ideas for you
  25. Think like an op-ed writer; take a stance, ague one side of an issue

Still Stuck? Try This Blog Topic Generator

Now if these ideas still aren't enough, here's a handy dandy little too from HubSpot that you can try called the Blog Topic Generator. Put in a subject, give 'er a click, and voila! ... ideas for blog topics will magically appear.

Still Stuck? Ok, Now Maybe it's Time for a Bribe

If all of these kick starters don't help inspire you, your partners or your SMEs to write the next 457 blogs, then perhaps a bribe is in order. How about this for an idea:

Anybody who writes more than 5 blog posts in a given year is excused from cold calling prospects.

Now that should inspire at least a few of them to start turning their thought leadership into leads!

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