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Over $100,000 in New Revenue Generated in Year One, with a Steady Flow of New Leads



The Challenge:

Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group is a communications company based in Missouri, with nine radio stations, an interactive department, and marketing consultants. Prior to Zimmer working with LeadG2, they were already ahead of many of their media competitors by having an up-to-date, optimized B2B website where advertisers could learn more and contact them. They didn’t only have station websites with a hidden “advertise” link in the footer.

While they did have leads coming through the website, they wanted and needed more qualified leads in order to make a dent in their new revenue business. They not only aimed to generate new leads and revenue, but they also needed to find ways to shorten and strengthen their existing sales process. In the words of Zimmer’s Director of Sales, Carrie Lorenz: “We know that the majority of people are doing research online before ever calling or making a purchase. Having resources on our website that they can go to and learn about on their own time was huge for us.” It was never just about generating leads—it was about doing better and smarter business while utilizing technology and tools to enable their salespeople throughout the entire sales process. In July 2015, our partnership started and we quickly developed a plan to tackle these goals.

What We Did:

Utilizing the HubSpot all-in-one marketing automation platform was step one. We integrated this tool with their existing website, making it easier to create a blog and landing pages for lead generation. Using HubSpot also allowed Zimmer to have their entire database in one centralized location, while having access to tools for email marketing, social publishing, forms, keyword tracking, reporting, database management, and much more.

After surveying their existing customers to create a detailed Target Persona Profile, we were able to then develop a customized content strategy which included blog posts and premium content which would be gated for our lead generation efforts. In less than 60 days, the blog was created and launched and we began publishing posts and promoting the new resources. By Q4 2015, we began executing targeted inbound marketing campaigns which included mapped-out content, keyword strategy, emails, social, and radio and display ads (with their own stations). Over the upcoming months we would publish over 100 blog posts, multiple premium content pieces including eBooks and whitepapers, and conduct a live webinar.

The Results:

While they immediately began to hear positive feedback from partners and clients, and their Account Managers started to see the value in using these resources in sales communication, they also started to see tangible results by December. Nearly $30,000 in new business was generated before the end of 2015, with a total of over $112,000 in the first 12 months.

These numbers are only accounting for the initial campaign spends of these advertisers, and with average annual customer spends in mind, we’re looking at a potential of over $300,000 in new revenue in year one. This revenue is from 16 new clients that Zimmer was not previously doing business with.

Other important KPIs from year one to note include:

  • Ranking for 129 keywords in the top 3, and 195 keywords in the top 10
  • 198% growth in traffic overall, which includes 175% growth in organic traffic and 750% growth in social traffic
  • 362% growth in leads generated on their website, which includes over 500 blog subscribers and ver 12,000 views to their blog posts alone

Zimmer has also effectively utilized HubSpot and their blog for other business needs, including client events and recruitment. Carrie Lorenz shares that beyond the revenue, some of the top inbound marketing benefits for their sales team include “more tools and resources we are able to use with our clients” and “gaining lead intelligence because we are able to see what our clients and prospects are looking at and what interests them so we can customize content and sales products to reflect what they want and need.”


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