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Over $80,000 in new revenue contributed to inbound marketing program within 4 months.

Mayfield Plastics

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The Challenge:

Mayfield Plastics, a 96-year-old plastic manufacturing company outside of Boston that specializes in thermoforming, vacuum forming, and pressure forming, had been implementing some inbound marketing tactics on their website including a blog, SEO strategy, and downloadable whitepapers. However, their organic, social, and referral traffic was low and they didn’t have a plan in place to effectively capture and nurture online leads. One big obstacle to their success included an unclear content strategy that led to a deficit in blog post publishing – and with only one in-house writer, it was difficult to get the results they were looking for. Plus like most B2B companies, they wanted a way to reach more potential leads and customers, while also being able to effectively track their efforts. They needed to stand out in their niche, yet competitive industry.

What We Did:

The first step taken by The Center for Sales Strategy was to conduct an in-depth strategic planning day at the plant in order to clearly define the needs of Mayfield Plastics, and get a better understanding of the current landscape. Target personas were outlined, specific goals were set, and there was a big focus on content development ideas and implementation. Here we also discussed the importance of a true lead nurturing strategy due to their lengthy selling cycle, averaging at about 3-6 months. It was important that we also flawlessly migrated the old blog over to the HubSpot content management system without missing a beat. Their current, and recently updated, website would need to be skinned so that the new blog would fit perfectly with their current design.

The Results:

Mayfield Plastics’ VP of Growth and Development, Harrison Greene, who also leads the inbound marketing efforts for the company, immediately got to work writing content that was introduced in our strategy session. Meanwhile, The Center for Sales Strategy Inbound Marketing Team worked behind the scenes to start migrating the old blog to the new site, creating landing pages, forms, and calls to action for lead capturing, optimizing pages and old posts, and setting up social media accounts. In less than a month they were able to launch the new blog and begin promoting it across a variety of updated social media company pages and via email marketing campaigns. Also, due to the lengthy sales cycle for this industry, we planned to incorporate lead nurturing and lead scoring to be a huge part of our lead intelligence plan. This would prove to be a big part of the sales process and allowed us to stay on top of qualified leads throughout the sales cycle.

Within 3 months, Mayfield Plastics was consistently driving between 800 and 1,000 visitors a month to their blog and starting to capture highly qualified leads. Early on email marketing was a big part of their strategy, and using their content pieces and the HubSpot software to nurture leads from a variety of sources contributed to quite a few very important conversations with potential customers. One particular lead that had rejected their price quote originally, came across a blog post specifically addressing pricing questions – which is an ongoing obstacle for their target persona. The Mayfield Plastics sales team even referenced this post for addressing these concerns – and using their original content as a sales tool was critical in closing this deal. Their sales team eventually was able to secure the business totaling $32,000 in new revenue and they feel confident that there is a lot of potential for future contracts.

Harrison Greene shares, “There is no conceivable way we would have ever known about this company. No amount of prospecting, directory searching, or cold calling could have yielded this success because the company is so far off our radar that we would never have known about them.”

Shortly after, another lead nurtured through their inbound marketing program, and the HubSpot software turned into a contract for over $48,000 of new revenue for the company! Harrison adds, “The Center for Sales Strategy’s Inbound Marketing Team showed us how to become the hunted, not the hunter.” Meanwhile, 6 months after their launch, many other hot leads (approximately 50% of their current pipeline are inbound marketing leads) are currently in the funnel and Mayfield Plastics has not only received a return on their investment, but have begun to profit directly from their inbound marketing program. A focus on addressing the biggest questions about their business and services in their content, as well as lead intelligence via lead scoring and effective nurturing have contributed to these impressive results in this relatively short period of time. 

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