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How Management Buy-In, Marketing and Sales Alignment, and a Strong Brand Can Impact Launch and ROI

TEGNA Norfolk (WVEC)

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The Challenge

WVEC, like most media companies, lacked an online presence for their B2B brand, as well as a lead generation and thought leadership strategy. They needed a platform that would showcase their expertise, and allow them to engage with prospects and customers in a way that matched their business philosophy of delivering above-and-beyond value to their clients to ensure ROI. They were also looking for new and improved tools and resources to arm their sales people when interacting with buyers in the field and online.

What Was Done

The Hampton Roads Marketing Now brand was born in early 2015 and, with the help of LeadG2, turned into a website and blog where local business owners and marketers can find a variety of resources aimed at helping them grow their businesses. While the website is not only functional, responsive, and well-designed, it’s also built on the HubSpot COS platform—which allows for optimal lead intelligence, a wealth of analytics, and many marketing automation capabilities, all tied together with sales tools and the future integration with their CRM platform, Salesforce. You’ll find on Hampton Roads Marketing Now strategic and engaging content on the blog and a link to live marketing seminars and integration with their self-produced TV show, Hampton Roads Business Weekly. A huge aspect of the success thus far with WVEC has been their commitment and buy-in from the top down. Starting with their President and General Manager, Kari Jacobs, down to the Director of Sales, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Marketing and Consumer Insights Specialist, and everyone in between. They’ve effectively communicated throughout the entire process and received phenomenal engagement and support from their marketing and sales teams that has not only expedited the launch of their website, but also helped with the early qualifying and distribution of leads.

The Results

WVEC went from no website or online presence to a well-thought-out and consistent online brand in about 60 days. They’ve since published (in less than 7 months) over 70 blog posts and multiple premium content offers used to convert website visitors into leads. These resources have successfully helped salespeople compete in the marketplace and stand out as thought leaders when talking to customers and prospects. This has also been an extension of their focus on more social selling, providing them with a variety of content that is targeted and relevant for opening doors and closing new business. Their inbound marketing has contributed to over 6,000 visitors to their brand new site, 100+ subscribers, and over 100 new leads to date. In this short amount of time, WVEC has also seen financial ROI including a new client generated directly through the website contributing to an initial $10,000 campaign. We all feel confident that this is only the tip of the iceberg for WVEC! Marketing and Consumer Insights Specialist, Suzie Schafer, who is also leading this initiative has shared that, “We’re now focusing on better business conversations and social selling as part of our ‘transformation’ as we evolve into a more nimble and competitive team.”


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