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Inbound Marketing Consulting

The quickest and most cost effective way to start generating more and better leads.

You’re an Expert at What You Do.

You know your business, your industry, and how to deliver solutions to your customers.

And We're Experts at What We Do...

You don't need to be an expert at inbound marketing, sales performance, and lead generation when you work with LeadG2 because we specialize in helping businesses, like yours, turn their websites into lead generating machines and start sending their salespeople on more quality appointments.

If you are in need of an inbound marketing strategy or just some help with generating leads, we can help you.


Give Your Salespeople Super Powers!


We’re different than many other agencies because of our commitment to results, integration of sales performance with inbound marketing strategies, and passion for working with companies that understand how inbound marketing will forever change the way they do business.

We don't think inbound marketing should replace salespeople.... it should give salespeople super powers! That's right, super powers. A good inbound marketing campaign allows salespeople to know when to call and what is of most interest to the prospect. Good inbound gives the seller x-ray vison, and super strength to move the sales process along and close more deal.

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The HubSpot Difference


All of our inbound marketing consulting clients utilize HubSpot as part of their lead generation efforts. HubSpot not only delivers superior analytics and marketing software, but we’re proud to be one of only 10 HubSpot Platinum Partners (out of thousands of partners across the globe) recognized for results, client retainment, and overall expertise. 



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Building a Lead Generation Strategy

We follow 7 critical steps with every single one of our inbound marketing consulting clients. These steps are designed to help you learn and implement the strategies and tactics behind inbound marketing. This is not purely a “marketing campaign” - inbound marketing is a shift in the way you communicate to your prospects and customers, and in how you attract and close new business.

 Some Of Our Areas of Expertise



Goals and

Immediately setting measurable goals and regularly reviewing analytics and results, while adjusting strategy and tactics as needed.



Develop and implement lead nurturing campaigns utilizing blog and premium content that moves leads through the sales funnel.


Social Media

Set up your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. We will also post to your pages and develop special landing pages and designs.


Blog Writing
and Posting

Author and post SEO optimized blogs on behalf of the client, based on the number of monthly blog posts within the service level.



Staff of researchers, authors, and graphic artists develop and create premium content items such as whitepapers, e-books, research papers and more..


Research / SEO

Research and develop a keyword/SEO strategy for clients in order to optimize blog content, increase blog traffic, and qualified leads.



Provide recommendations and processes for lead follow up based on where the lead is in the sales funnel. 



There are more benefits to inbound than just developing leads.  We assist clients in determining how inbound is transforming every area of their business. 

Learn More About How Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation Can Benefit Your Business! 


Take 30 Minutes and Learn How to Get Started Generating Leads, Increasing Sales and Online Visibility!  

As one of the only inbound marketing agencies with a foundation in sales training and sales performance we understand how to help companies generate leads and sales using inbound marketing. 

On this short 30 minute call learn:

  • What is inbound marketing
  • If inbound marketing is right for your company
  • The 7 Step Lead Generation Process
  • How Inbound Marketing Increases leads & Sales 
  • Learn more about HubSpot

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