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The Challenge:

WTOP, a division of Hubbard Radio, is a news and talk radio station serving the Washington DC area. A visionary in the radio industry, the company began exploring online lead generation in 2012. They knew they needed a B2B web presence in order to reach potential advertisers.

At the time, they relied solely on the traditional model of salespeople developing their own leads, and they wanted to find an alternative that would generate more leads while allowing the salespeople to focus on their area of expertise: sales.

What We Did: 

  • Because WTOP had no B2B website, we made creating a market-focused site a priority. We developed www.WTOP.com, and also created a blog site for them: www.DCmarketingpro.com.

  • We began with a strategy to reach WTOP’s primary target market. We consulted with WTOP and did outside research to learn what the market’s needs were as well as the pressing questions they had concerning marketing, radio, digital, and the DC market. From this research, we created a content plan and inbound marketing strategy, including an SEO and PPC keyword strategy.

  • WTOP utilized the premium content we created as well as crafted their own content so that they had a variety of different lead-converting offers throughout the site. We set up a HubSpot system as a marketing automation and web hosting platform, to keep the content running on schedule and the leads organized. WTOP also ran on-air and online advertisements to promote the content and drive traffic to their blog.

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