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Does Your Inbound Marketing Program Need a Makeover? 


Enter To Win an Inbound Marketing Makeover

If you are interested in having a team of inbound marketing and lead generation experts conduct a thorough analsysis of your inbound marketing program this contest is for you.  

The Inbound Makeover Includes:

How to Win:
  • Fill out the official entry form 
  • Cross your fingers that you win! 

The contest has ended for 2014. Check back for when entries will be accepted in 2015. 


Inbound Makeover Resources

Need to get started or crash your inbound program? We have lots of great ebooks for you to download. Check out the latest.

Inbound Marketing 101


Don't know anything about Inbound Marketing and need to get a guide book before starting a project? Not sure you know enough to get started? If that's you.. Inbound Marketing 101 is for you.  

40 Inbound Marketing Terms to Know


Before you start buying suppliies for your project and knocking down walls it's important to understand how it all works.  Let's face it, you don't want to know down any retaining walls!

Essential Guide to Inbound Marketing


Ready to get started with your DIY inbound project? Here is a step by step guide to getting started.  Remember, measure twice and cut once. 

Inbound FAQ - IS DIY for You?


Before you start any project, getting answers from experts on the most commonly asked questions is crucial. How long will my project take? Can I do it myself or do I need to hire someone?


Your Inbound Makeover Team 

Who is Lead G2 and How Can We Help? 

Here at LeadG2, we understand the importance of effectively attracting the right visitors and converting them into leads. We live and breathe the art of unforgettable content. We’ve mastered SEO and social media campaigns.

But we’re different than the rest…

We’re not like the other guys… and that’s because we’re powered by 30 years of sales performance and the success of our clients.

We believe success isn’t about who has the prettiest website, but about whether your calls-to-action actually convert

Cute headlines, clever copy, and huge traffic numbers aren’t always what generate results…

Learn More About Your Makeover Team

Feeling a little lost when it comes to inbound marketing?

That’s okay, we can help!   Whether you are a DIY type or would rather hire a contractor to do it for you.... this is a great resource! 

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Four Signs Your Company Might Need a Makeover

Watch the Recorded Webinar

What is an "inbound marketing makeover"?  That's a great question. An inbound marketing makeover as we are defining it can be companies in any of the following 4 phases: 

1) Companies That Haven’t Started (Learning Phase)
2) Companies Just Starting Out (Planning Phase)
3) Remodeling (Refining Current Activities)
4) Overwhelmed (Giving Up)

Is your company in one of these phases? 

Inbound Makeover Success Stories



Renovated Blog & Improved Lead Generation

Hiregy successfully converted their old blog to the new HubSpot blogging tool, and all blog  posts and landing pages were optimized for search. This was effectively done in less than  30 days and has contributed to immediately strengthening their communication and email marketing campaigns with both current and past clients, as well as new prospects.

Hiregy is a Tampa-based staffing and recruitment agency. When they teamed up with The Center  for Sales Strategy they already had a website and blog, but were looking for that strategic  partner to help them take it to the next level, and start generating real results.

They already understood how inbound marketing could help them develop thought leadership and provide those much needed leads, however they just weren’t seeing the results they wanted with their current inbound marketing efforts. Their visitors and page views were high, but lead conversion wasn’t where they wanted it to be.

The most successful aspect of Hiregy’s quick start story was their ability to fully launch their new blog in less than 30 days! The Hiregy team experienced some early successes by engaging current clients with their new premium content and expanding their reach by tapping into their current database in order to extend their inbound marketing efforts.

Over the next 30 days the Hiregy team worked hard at creating new posts and premium content quickly, to ensure a funnel of content was available and ready for publication in time for the launch. With the help of The Center for Sales Strategy, they were able to quickly facilitate the design of the new blog, import and optimize their old blog posts, create new landing pages and contact forms with the HubSpot software for more in-depth tracking, and prepare their website for the launch of their new blog. 



Mayfield Plastics

Increased Lead Generation and Improved Lead Intelligence

Mayfield Plastics, a 96-year-old plastic manufacturing company outside of Boston that specializes in thermoforming, vacuum forming, and pressure forming, had been implementing some inbound marketing tactics on their website including a blog, SEO strategy, and downloadable whitepapers. 

However, their organic, social, and referral traffic was low and they didn’t have a plan in place to effectively capture and nurture online leads. One big obstacle to their success included an unclear content strategy that led to a deficit in blog post publishing – and with only one in-house writer, it was  difficult to get the results they were looking for. 

Plus like most B2B companies, they wanted a way to reach more potential leads and customers, while also being able to effectively track their efforts. They needed to stand out in their niche, yet competitive industry.

Download the project details 


Hubbard Radio - Washington D.C.

New Website and Lead Generation Strategy

For most media companies like Hubbard Radio in Washington DC, a challenge they face is that they have two very distinct audiences they must constantly market to: the consumers of that medium (in this case, radio listeners) and the B2B customers that buy advertising. Most have websites for  their media outlets (individual station websites), but often don’t have market specific websites for their B2B services. 

The Center for Sales Strategy listened closely to what the Hubbard DC team needed, and then began putting a plan in place to help solve these individual problems.

The first step in the process was an in-person Inbound Marketing Planning Day conducted by The Center for Sales Strategy where target personas for each brand were identified, keyword strategy was established, the blog pledge was created, blog roles and responsibilities were outlined, and they got a jumpstart on developing blog post and premium content ideas.

Successful Makeovers By Industry  

HubSpot Case Studies by Industry  

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Financial Services | Legal Services |  Marketing Agency | Manufacturing | Mechanical | Media 
Recruiting | Software | Travel And Leisure | Technology

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