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Inbound Marketing + Sales Enablement Success Story

PEO Company Successfully Expands Their Reach to New Customers and Markets Through Increased Traffic

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Questco is a nationally recognized Certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with 30 years of award winning experience.

Over the years, Questco has distinguished itself by providing outstanding customer support, expertise, and the resources needed to help clients quickly reach higher levels of success.

At Questco, the goal is to provide value and expertise that supports the people they serve and demonstrate the commitment to their success each and every day. The company has designed a service approach that promises the greatest benefit to small and midsized businesses, and attracted an amazing, engaged group of people to deliver on that promise to clients.

Recognizing several opportunities and a need for bringing in external support to their already successful marketing team, Questco reached out to LeadG2 to get help with everything from inbound marketing, HubSpot implementation, campaign execution, sales enablement and more.

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375 Sales and Marketing Qualified Leads


Grew Overall Website Traffic by 65%


Grew Organic Traffic by 77%


Grew Blog Viewership by 93%


"We were looking to broaden our reach to new clients, new markets, new geographies. We had a lot of opportunity but not all of the marketing assets that we needed to be maximally successful in our outreach and in our marketing and LeadG2 was able to help with that."

Jason Randall

“Prior to LeadG2, we were rushed and I was leveraging a lot of resources to get a piece of content created. It's just nice to be able to have a library to pull from for every situation out there.”

Derek Carlstrom
Vice President, Sales Growth

151 Blogs Published, 17 eBooks/One-sheets Created, 6 Case Studies Written and 3 Video Case Studies Filmed

Questco turned to LeadG2 to help them grow thought leadership, increase leads flowing through their website and build a resource center filled with helpful content for their viewers.

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