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Federated Media

Inbound Success Story

Media Company Drives Over $300K in First

12 Months Partnering with LeadG2

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Federated Media is an independent family-owned multimedia company that offers top-quality products to customers. They proudly operate 12 radio stations and a digital marketing agency (Federated Digital Solutions) located in northern Indiana. They touch the lives of over 2.49 million people each week through all distribution channels. Their goal is to provide the highest quality form of information, entertainment, and advertising to listeners, viewers, advertisers, and employees in a way that is profitable for all. 

For 20 years Federated Media has partnered with The Center for Sales Strategy focusing on hiring and training talent. Recognizing the need for a partner to help with their lead generation and sales enablement efforts, Federated Media reached out to LeadG2.

Together, LeadG2 and Federated Media took part in an inbound reboot training program with both markets (Fort Wayne and South Bend) and conducted a content brainstorming session with the sales team. A 12-month content calendar for both divisions was made to ensure the content was in-line with their valid business reasons, established by The Center for Sales Strategy.

From January 2021 to December 2021, Federated Media drove over $300k in new business directly from these efforts and generated 259 sales qualified leads from all inbound marketing. 26% of those sales qualified leads became a customer in 2021!





300K in New Business in 2021


543 New Leads (259 Were Sales Qualified)


26% of Sales Qualified Leads Became a Customer


“I can't imagine being a media company today and not having an inbound marketing program. It has established us as a marketing leader when it comes to media in both our markets.”

James Darby
Chief Strategy Officer

“Inbound is not the same as marketing – it's different. It’s a collaboration between whoever is running the inbound strategy and sales – if you don’t have the collab, you will not achieve the desired results that you were hoping for.”

Deb Williams
General Manager Digital Sales

“Working with LeadG2, we’ve been able to have a better strategy at the front-end and take what used to be a cold call into a warm call because we have a more of a strategic approach to building trust with the client.”

Kathy Uebler
General Sales Manager

“You have to have buy-in from sales team and sales management and in order to incorporate this into the sales process. You don’t have to start with comprehension but start with compliance and they will get it later once they see it in action.”

Deb Williams
General Manager Digital Sales

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