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About kate

Lighthearted. Meticulous. Energetic. 

Kate Rosinski

Kate Rosinski
Inbound Marketing Consultant 

A couple of fun facts about me:

  • I won my first writing contest when I was nine for a poem about how scary it was to ride my bike. The prize was a bike.
  • If there's music, I can't resist moving (however embarrassingly). I channel my enthusiasm for rhythmic movement by teaching Zumba. (It's cool, I swear.) 
  • I can talk your ear off about the beauty of online shopping subscription services.

Notes about my expertise in inbound marketing:

  • I've been helping brands connect with their audiences for years as a PR specialist and copywriter at traditional ad agencies. Inbound marketing feels like the next step—it's not just a supplement to marketing, but a requirement in our modern, digital world.
  • Psychology was my minor in college, and human behavior is universally fascinating. What makes an offer compelling? How do we get people to take the next step? Is this really valuable, or are we missing something? Designing, executing, and analyzing inbound marketing programs always fosters interesting conversations and opens eyes to new perspectives. 
  • As a writer, I love the idea that great content, when mixed with the right technology, strategy, and commitment, can create awesome results—and help companies truly help their clients.
  • Putting together puzzles has always been a hobby of mine, and HubSpot is similarly gratifying—do the work up front, and at the end all of the pieces work together. My favorite moments happen when the marketing engine is running smoothly, and my clients see new leads and new business start to roll in.

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