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Webinar recording: 20 Sales and Marketing Metrics Every Organization should be tracking

are you measuring the most important metrics to determine sales and marketing roi?

In order to attract sales qualified leads and effectively generate new revenue from your inbound marketing efforts, you've got to be tracking results, analyzing trends, and optimizing your efforts on a regular basis.

This webinar will dive deeper than just looking at traffic and leads to help you identify the important metrics you need to be measuring as part of an integrated sales and marketing approach. Click below to watch webinar, then download the 20 Metrics Tracking Spreadsheet to help you get started!

Download the 20 metrics tracking spreadsheet

Get off on the right foot. At the first of each month, track 20 important metrics, such as:

  • Number of website visits
  • Number of qualified leads (both marketing and sales)
  • Ratio of opportunities to leads
  • ...and more!


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