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5 Terrible, Horrible No Good Marketing or Sales Headaches Competitors Hope You Have

Posted by LeadG2

March 29, 2017

Getting a headache every time you look at your top line?

If you’re getting a headache when you look at the how your investment in marketing and sales had impacted your top line, or if you can hear the faint sounds of your competitors snickering somewhere in the distance, then it may be time to identify the culprits and get some pain relief.

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Topics: inbound marketing, professional services marketing

Getting More New Biz for Staffing Firms or Recruiters: A Perfect Storm of Opportunity

Posted by LeadG2

March 15, 2017

Applying Insights from the 2016-17 Marketing & Sales Survey of Recruiting & Staffing Firms

Knowing what clients are looking for from a staffing or recruiting firm, and having insights from the USSA/LeadG2 Marketing and Sales Survey on best practices is almost a perfect storm of opportunity for more visibility, leads and new business from employers for your staffing or recruiting firm.

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Topics: staffing+recruiting agencies, professional services marketing, growth strategies for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

Unhappy with the ROI on Your Marketing/Sales Spend for New Clients?

Posted by LeadG2

March 1, 2017


2017 Staffing & Recruiting Firm Marketing/Sales Survey Shows You’re Not Alone!

(Free: copy of the survey report and a seat at the presentation. Click here.) 

We recently completed, and will be publishing and presenting, the results of our findings from the 2016-17 Marketing & Sales Survey of Recruiting & Staffing Firms in April 2017.

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Topics: professional services marketing, growth strategies for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

7 Types of Content and 4 Brain Boosts Staffing Firms & Recruiters Need for Sales

Posted by LeadG2

December 30, 2016

Are You Prepared to Close More Business Like Crazy in 2017? 

When you get a query from a prospect in 2017 about having your staffing agency or recruiting firm offer a candidate for consideration, how prepared are you to turn that phone call (or email) into a new account, and how fast can you make that happen?

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Topics: Sales, staffing+recruiting agencies, professional services marketing, shannondelmarle, staffing agency marketing, content marketing for a staffing agency

How Staffing & Recruiting Firms Will See Dramatic Gains in 2017 Marketing and Sales Results

Posted by LeadG2

November 2, 2016

Learning from High Growth / High Performance Firms

The lifeblood of any staffing agency or recruiting firm is acquiring new business while retaining current clients and referral relationships.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, over the past 20 years, the staffing sector has more than doubled in size, reaching over $130B in gross revenues (in just the US). The American Staffing Association tells us that this growth is being served by about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies—up from an estimated 14,000 in 2006—which all together operate around 39,000 offices. 

Yet, with all of this growth and opportunity, industry surveys like that conducted for LinkedIn tell us that securing new clients is priority #1. 

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Topics: staffing+recruiting agencies, alanvitberg, professional services marketing, inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

7 Can’t Miss Ways to Get More Visibility and Awareness for Your Company

Posted by LeadG2

October 5, 2016

Finding the Right Ingredients and the Right Mix Takes Time, Resources and Commitment

About the same time that our kids were old enough to be trusted with using the stove, they came up with the concept of "eggsperimentation."

They pitched the idea as a way of making Sunday morning breakfasts special while showing their gratitude and giving us a reward for making it though yet another long, hard week. We suspected and then quickly realized that eggsperimentation was more of a way of using Mom and Dad as convenient targets for expressing their creative cooking instincts.

Eggs, pineapple, and relish. Eggs, garlic, and cool whip. Eggs, leftover fried beans, and raison bran. Eggs, hamster pellets, and bacon.

Actually, that last one wasn’t too bad.

Maybe it’s time for some eggsperimentation in the way you’re building your firm’s branding, visibility and awareness. What’s in your firm’s marketing fridge and pantry?

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Topics: inbound marketing, professional services marketing

Using Marketing Dollars Wisely for More Visibility … What the Boss Needs to Know!

Posted by LeadG2

September 7, 2016

Seeing the Right Metrics is the Foundation for Making the Right Marketing Investments

When your boss (or if you’re the boss) has both eyes open when it comes to marketing metrics, he or she will be better prepared to understand what works and doesn’t work in your firm’s marketing program, what investments in marketing are needed, and where to make them.

But maybe even more important, if the boss can see, understand and act upon marketing data for purposes of growing the company—and your competitors can’t/don’t/won’t—you’ll have a significant competitive advantage.

In today’s digital environment, progress toward growth needs to be measured and tracked. Then, it’s possible to identify problem areas and to craft strategies and tactics for addressing those issues. In fact, in today’s digital environment, there’s hardly anything in the arena of marketing and sales that can’t be tracked, but the challenge is to select just a handful of the right key performance indices (KPIs) rather than have so much data that you end up suffering analysis paralysis.

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Topics: inbound marketing, alanvitberg, professional services, professional services marketing

Next Generation Strategies for Tackling the Challenge of Job Candidate Sourcing

Posted by LeadG2

August 26, 2016

Can a Creative Online Lead Generation Program Get Recruiting Firms and Staffing Agencies a Bigger and Stronger Pool of Job Candidates?

Year in and year out, the surveys tell us that the top challenges for recruiting firms and staffing agencies are finding qualified candidates and finding new ways to discover who and where those candidates are.

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Topics: inbound marketing, staffing+recruiting agencies, professional services marketing

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