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Top Articles of 2019: Lead Generation + Lead Nurturing

Posted by Amanda Meade

January 1, 2020

Our goal as a company is to partner with our clients to increase the quality (and of course, quantity) of their leads, and today, we are bringing you a recap of the most popular posts we've published in 2019 on lead generation and lead nurturing.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients and visitors top-notch, quality content through our blog to teach them and guide them to success. We've searched for the most popular blogs of 2019, and we've curated these lists that will publish each day this week to bring you some of the most educational and informative content from the year. Check out these top blogs on lead generation and lead nurturing from 2019.

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Topics: lead nurturing, lead generation, leads

Inbound Marketing Data:  An Often-Overlooked Intellectual Asset of a Business

Posted by Dean Moothart

October 30, 2018

You can’t think of your marketing database as just a list of names and contact information. It’s so much more than that. This data represents what’s possible for your business. It’s your future customers and referral sources. It’s next month’s closed deals and next year’s revenue. A company’s marketing database can be the lifeblood of its revenue growth strategy. Consequently, it should be regarded as a key intellectual asset of the business. As with any corporate asset, there should be a plan to protect it, enhance, grow it and leverage it.

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Topics: lead nurturing, inbound marketing, leads, sales process, marketing strategy

Lead Intelligence Is The New Black!

Posted by Matt Sunshine

November 15, 2017

There is so much talk these days about inbound marketing sharing helpful content online so prospects can find you during their buyer's journey and you can capture their contact information to nurture them through the process. Understanding what a prospect is interested in learning when is invaluable, because it gives you the advantage of knowing how to best connect with the prospect. It's almost like saying that lead intelligence is the new black!

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Topics: mattsunshine, leads, lead intelligence

What Lead Intelligence Is and Why Salespeople Need It

Posted by LeadG2

August 26, 2015

As a salesperson, you no doubt spend a significant amount of time focused on generating leads, preparing for appointments, and trying to convert sales leads into customers or clients. One of the challenges that sometimes gets in the way of these activities is that the information you have about the lead is no more than a name and an email address.   

This type of lead information isn’t really much to go on. If this is all you rely on to nurture your lead towards becoming a client, you are missing out on key information that can help you generate more business.  

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Topics: leads, lead intelligence

4 Steps to Better Inbound Marketing Leads: Part 2

Posted by LeadG2

August 5, 2015

To avoid spending a lot of time and effort on activities that don't get the results you're looking for, you need to spend some time laying the foundation for your inbound marketing initiative. But it doesn't have to be difficult.

In the last post, we looked at the first two steps in the process of laying this foundation. Today's post gives you the final two steps. When you're finished with these four steps, you'll have confidence that your inbound marketing is maximizing the time and effort you're putting into it.

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Topics: inbound marketing, leads

4 Steps to Better Inbound Marketing Leads: Part 1

Posted by LeadG2

August 3, 2015

It’s so tempting to jump right into inbound marketing as soon as you realize how much it can do for your business. But before you get to the fun stuff of writing and creating, you need to think through a few things to make sure what you’re creating is going to be effective.

This 2-part article will dig into the four steps you'll want take before you begin creating, to generate the best possible leads for your company or organization. 

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Topics: content marketing, inbound marketing, leads, lauramacpherson

Creating the Right Content to Generate the Best Leads

Posted by Jason Zimmermann

July 24, 2015

The goal behind content creation is to produce the most relevant content for the right audience. But if you haven’t properly determined who that audience is, how do you know what types of content they’re most interested in? Introducing your target personas.

Your personas are fictional representations of real-life customers that are most likely interested in your brand and/or what you have to say. These are who you’ll be targeting with your inbound strategy—determining who they are is step one in the inbound process.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at why target personas are so important for your content creation strategies and how creating the most relevant content will generate more quality leads for your company.

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Topics: content marketing, leads, target personas

Lead Scoring - Once you Have it, you Can’t go Back

Posted by LeadG2

October 29, 2014

If you are a business owner or marketing manager for a company using inbound marketing, you no doubt derive a fair amount of satisfaction when you create a new landing page and see a number of leads flood in… or trickle in, for most of us. By generating some fresh leads you can keep your funnel full and give your sales team a great list to work with.

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Topics: lead scoring, leads

How to Uncover the Good Leads: Automated Lead Scoring

Posted by Dani Buckley

August 27, 2014

If we were to break down the standard goal of an inbound marketing program, it would be to attract a high volume of visitors to your site and to convert as many of those qualified visitors into leads, and eventually customers. 

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Topics: danibuckley, leads

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