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10 Rules to Apply for Results-Driven Inbound Marketing Success

Posted by Steve Fawthrop

December 23, 2019

As an agency that works with several industry leaders in media, B2B, and professional services, at LeadG2, we’re focused on driving results through both inbound marketing and sales performance. We believe success isn’t about who has the prettiest website, but about whether your calls-to-action actually convert. It's not about vanity metrics and tracking numbers just to give you numbers, but about actually improving sales results and driving revenue.

To convert and improve revenue at an organizational level you need strategic goals and execution. To executive successfully, you need to establish and practice a results-driven mindset as an individual. 

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Topics: leadership, increase sales performance

Improv: How This Actor’s Tool Could Boost Your Business

Posted by Kim Peek

November 7, 2019

If you’ve ever been to a comedy club, you’ve seen at least one improv performance. This is where actors make up a scene, completely on the fly, often using suggestions provided by the audience. This popular form of entertainment tickles the funny bone and allows audience members to blow off steam.

Creating good improv is more complicated than it looks—but at its core is the power of Yes, and… It’s this simple phrase that gives this actor’s tool the potential to boost your business 

This concept alone has immense value in business. Yes, and... keeps the door open for more conversation, shows agreement, and demonstrates an interest in problem-solving. Think of how powerful it would be if you had to find a way to agree in every meeting or negotiation. Instead of shutting down the conversation, you would be open to listening, seeking common ground, and collaborating. 

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Topics: increase sales performance, business growth

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