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Two Dozen Tips for Building a World Class Content Marketing Program

Posted by LeadG2

February 14, 2018

Is it Time to Update Your Content Marketing Game?

We are starting to believe that content marketing as part of executing a growth strategy is reaching a point of saturation and diminishing returns.

Quantity over quality. Poor writing. Lack of strategic focus. Advertorial. One and done efforts with little to no promotion. Hiring cheap and getting cheap results.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Topics: content marketing, inbound marketing, marketing strategy, alanvitberg

Where to Spend Your B2B Marketing and Sales Budget (Part 2)

Posted by LeadG2

October 4, 2017

Investing in Generating Leads and Closing Sales

In Part 1 of this series on budgeting for marketing and sales, we discussed 7 different building blocks – pieces of infrastructure if you will – that are fundamental for a growth strategy. In this post, I’ll be discussing where and how to use those expenditures to achieve your growth goals.

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Topics: lead nurturing, lead generation, inbound marketing, alanvitberg, inbound sales, marketing infrastructure for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

Where to Spend Your B2B Marketing and Sales Budget (Part 1)

Posted by LeadG2

September 27, 2017

Grow Your Firm With These 7 Building Blocks

A lot of firms will be using the last couple of months of the year to do their marketing and sales planning and budgeting for 2018. It’s the time of the year when critical thinking and decision making needs to be done by top management, along with securing their commitment to fund the tools, technologies, strategies and tactics necessary for attaining top line goals and growth objectives.

It’s the time of the year when tough decisions need to be made about the balance between spending on branding and spending on lead generation. It’s the time when legacy spending needs to be scrutinized and if necessary, defunded. It’s the time when new thinking about new approaches to growth need to be considered and given adequate funding.

In Part 1 of this 2-part blog series, I’m going to focus on infrastructure: the building blocks that represent the foundation for growth. In part 2, I’ll be talking about budget for growth activities like lead acquisition and nurturing.

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Topics: inbound marketing, alanvitberg, professional services, marketing infrastructure for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

Get Your Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Campaign Off the Ground

Posted by LeadG2

August 21, 2017

After investing in inbound marketing, you’ll want to start doing lead generation and make that investment pay off. There are a lot of moving pieces to do lead generation the right way, and this post is meant to be a primer for those firms looking to pump up their game or those new to inbound marketing.

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, alanvitberg

How to Stop Your Marketing Budget from Being Cut

Posted by LeadG2

July 26, 2017


At some point in your career, it’s likely that you’ll have a conversation with a C-suiter who will tell you that your marketing budget is being cut because the company must tighten its belt.

That conversation will quickly put a damper on how you think you’re being perceived by the company and will likely have a negative effect on your enthusiasm to champion some really great marketing ideas. 

It’s not that the C-suite doesn’t like you, or doesn’t appreciate your efforts, or like the work you’re doing. When you’re told that you face a budget cut, what this means is that you’re not showing value —a return on investment—for how the marketing budget is being spent.

There are a number of culprits that may be in play here:

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Topics: content marketing, leadership, alanvitberg, marketing infrastructure for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

12 Questions to Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page for a Spectacular Top Line

Posted by LeadG2

May 17, 2017

We know that we are not alone in our misery and suffering.

There are tens of thousands of us in the same boat, seeking relief, year after year, hope after dashed hope, failure upon failure.

We are scorned, the targets of derision, the destination for the pointed finger and mirthful chuckle.

Yes, it’s awfully hard to be a Buffalo Bills fan.

But with a change in Bills leadership that promises cooperation, communication, teamwork, and a commitment to the twin lofty goals of accountability and responsibility, we have hope once again that our 17 year old drought will end in 2017.

Like the Bills, your company may be suffering from a drought that's stopping you from realizing your firm’s full new business potential. Of course, you’re making sales and getting new business, but can you do better? Just because you can put a few points up on the scoreboard doesn’t mean that you’re going to win the Super Bowl (Ouch. Sore subject.) of a record-breaking top line.

Just like the Bills need communication and cooperation in order to be a winner, your firm may need better and stronger communication and cooperation between its sales and marketing departments.

Here are a few ideas for putting together a winning team.

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Topics: sales and marketing alignment, alanvitberg

53 Really Good Content Marketing Ideas Your Sales Team is Going to Love

Posted by LeadG2

February 8, 2017

It’s Official: “Always Be Helping” Replaces “Always Be Closing (ABC)” as Key to Business Development

Have you ever seen that great David Mamet movie Glengarry Glen Ross with that chilling scene where Alec Baldwin harangues a pathetic group of real estate salesmen to “always be closing?”

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Topics: content marketing, sales leads, alanvitberg, staffing agency marketing, content marketing for a staffing agency

Fundamentals of Inbound Selling for Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms

Posted by LeadG2

December 7, 2016

Do your sales processes align with how prospects buy?

When it comes to securing new accounts, the Internet has turned the buyer-seller relationship on its head. Yesterday, buyers depended on sellers for information. Consequently, sellers had an upper hand in structuring and guiding the sales process.

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Topics: Buyer's Journey, staffing+recruiting agencies, alanvitberg, inbound sales, sales enablement for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

HubSpot’s Inbound 2016 from 2,016 Feet Up

Posted by LeadG2

November 16, 2016


The Marketing and Sales Journey Continues….

Last week, we spent 3 days with 19,000 other attendees at HubSpot’s 2106 conference. 

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot of blog posts on new products announced, summaries of sessions, key takeaways, and so forth—including the insights from the LeadG2 team—so we thought we would share a different perspective and insights on what we took out of the conference.

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Topics: content strategy, inbound marketing, marketing strategy, alanvitberg, professional services

How Staffing & Recruiting Firms Will See Dramatic Gains in 2017 Marketing and Sales Results

Posted by LeadG2

November 2, 2016

Learning from High Growth / High Performance Firms

The lifeblood of any staffing agency or recruiting firm is acquiring new business while retaining current clients and referral relationships.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, over the past 20 years, the staffing sector has more than doubled in size, reaching over $130B in gross revenues (in just the US). The American Staffing Association tells us that this growth is being served by about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies—up from an estimated 14,000 in 2006—which all together operate around 39,000 offices. 

Yet, with all of this growth and opportunity, industry surveys like that conducted for LinkedIn tell us that securing new clients is priority #1. 

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Topics: staffing+recruiting agencies, alanvitberg, professional services marketing, inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

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