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Breathe Life into Old, Dead Leads

Posted by Dean Moothart

July 19, 2017

Most marketing organizations have put their marketing plan in place for the year. It has received a blessing from the executive team, and has been funded by the CFO. Plans are now being executed, and soon they’ll be a flurry of activity—tradeshows, webinars, direct mail, telemarketing, email blasts, print ads, banner ads, etc. And if all goes well, that flurry of activity will lead to an avalanche of leads. But what happened to last year’s avalanche of leads? Maybe the flurry of leads never came last year. Or maybe your sales team closed them all. More likely though, is that the avalanche did come, and those leads are still sitting in your CRM. Your sales team probably called them once or twice. Maybe they even had an appointment with a few of them. But now they are stalled. Or dead. And just sitting in your CRM. 

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Sales Team to Generate Leads

Posted by Dean Moothart

July 12, 2017

One of the first signs that a sales organization of a small company is growing and maturing is that they no longer rely on the sales team to generate leads. In the early stages of development, a new company requires that everyone “wear multiple hats”. Consequently, the salesperson usually plays the role of Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Campaign Manager, and Business Development Specialist. It’s quite simple really—if the salesperson doesn't generate leads, no one will. But as an organization matures, the various Sales and Marketing disciplines should be divided as soon as possible. Not doing so simply makes achieving growth objectives more challenging and makes your life tougher than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, many organizations get stuck in this first stage of organizational development, and they continue to rely on the sales team to generate their own leads. Salespeople should really never stop prospecting. They should always be on the lookout for new business opportunities. But an organization that completely relies on Sales to generate leads are putting their growth objectives at risk. Below are three primary reasons why.

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Don’t Hand Off the Lead to Sales Before You Call the Play

Posted by Dean Moothart

July 3, 2017

It’s great when a plan comes together. You've designed your inbound marketing strategy, written blog articles that demonstrate your thought leadership, created premium content relevant to the needs of your buyer personas, deployed calls-to-action, created forms and landing pages to convert and capture leads, and it all seems to be working. You’ve attracted new visitors to your website and generated new leads. You’ve even deployed a lead scoring system to attach a value to each lead before you hand them off to Sales. Everything seems to be working as planned. As a marketer, you’ve done your job. Once you hand that lead off to Sales, you’re done. Right? Well, maybe not.

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Your Blog Content Doesn’t Matter—Unless You Want To Generate Leads

Posted by Dean Moothart

June 21, 2017

Today more and more businesses are enhancing their online presence with a blog. Marketers are discovering that a blog is great way to keep their websites fresh, continually attract new visitors, and generate new sales leads. However, you probably won’t see a significant and sustained increase in traffic by just adding a blog to your website. And even if you do, the visitors that you attract may not necessarily be ideal prospects for your business. Blogging, in and of itself, is not the solution to all your marketing objectives. An effective blog requires a well-thought-out content strategy and disciplined execution. The subject matter of the content that you write and publish does matter. It’s the content that dictates the success of your blog. 

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Topics: inbound marketing, blog strategy, deanmoothart

How to Find a Budget for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Dean Moothart

May 31, 2017

Before they started working with LeadG2, none of our clients had a line item in their budget for inbound marketing. Nor did they have extra unaccounted for dollars in their budget. It’d be a nice problem to have, but who has extra money just laying around dreaming of a new way to be spent? The truth is that businesses are running as lean as they ever have. Organizations are being asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources.

In this type of economic environment, the easy thing to do is just try to maintain the status quo. Don’t try anything new that might draw the attention of the “budget cutters”. Just fight for the same funding levels you got last year and try to maintain the same budget allocations.

While this may seem like the easiest and safest way to manage the finances of your business unit or department, it leaves little room for process and performance improvement. This restrictive financial management fosters an environment of complacency, which results in the acceptance of reduced expectations that allow for only incremental performance improvements.

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9 Ideas to Jump Start Your Lead Generation for When Your Sales Pipeline Has Slowed to a Trickle

Posted by Dean Moothart

May 22, 2017

It's almost summer, when everything slows downs just a bit. Kids out of school, family vacations, and most of us looking for opportunities to enjoy the summer weather. Unfortunately, just like the summer sun can dry up even the greenest lawns, our sales pipelines can be reduced to a trickle if we don’t remain disciplined with our lead generation efforts. Below are some lead generation ideas that can ensure that your summer fun doesn’t turn into a winter misery of missed revenue targets. 

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Marketing Automation May Not Be the Answer to Your Marketing Woes

Posted by Dean Moothart

May 10, 2017

I spoke with a business owner recently who expressed his frustration with marketing automation software. I’ll call him “Joe” to protect his identity. Joe had purchased a well-known marketing automation tool last year with the hopes of improving his lead generation, building his pipeline, and growing his revenue. Joe runs a small manufacturing firm and he doesn’t have a lot of marketing resources. In fact, he is the marketing department. But that’s just one of the hats he wears. Joe is also the CEO and the sales rep.

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Topics: inbound marketing, deanmoothart, marketing automation

Three Biggest Mistakes B2B Companies Make in Blogging

Posted by Dean Moothart

May 3, 2017

Many business leaders and marketing professionals have recognized that blogging is an ideal way to communicate their unique perspective to customers and prospects. People who are actively exploring purchasing a product or service may not be willing to schedule a meeting with a sales person, but they will educate themselves about potential solutions by reading relevant content they find online. 

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Do You Have a Content Strategy or Just a Lot of Content?

Posted by Dean Moothart

April 28, 2017


There are two extremes that I’ve observed with many organizations’ inbound marketing strategies. On one end of the spectrum are organizations whose inbound marketing program is almost non-existent. They tell me they’ve been doing inbound for several years, but when I look online I don’t see any evidence of it. I don’t think you’re really doing inbound marketing if your last blog article was published in 2015 and the only call-to-action is promoting an “upcoming” webinar that was held in January. 

At the other extreme are organizations that have more newly published content than the Sunday New York Times. As a staunch proponent of inbound marketing, its these examples that make me smile. But as I dig deeper, I often discover that much of the content is self-serving and probably irrelevant to most of their visitors. Do prospects really care that your firm was named one of the top family friendly businesses in Southeast Minnesota or that your employees volunteered to pick up trash in a park? That’s great stuff. I applaud you. Keep in mind, however, that those types of articles don’t do much to educate or inform your potential prospects.

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Topics: content strategy, inbound marketing, deanmoothart

“Inbound Marketing Won’t Work For Me . . . My Solution is too Complex”

Posted by Dean Moothart

April 10, 2017

There seems to be a misconception with some that inbound marketing is only for companies that have simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand products in mature (or at least well-established) markets. It makes sense that people will search online for products like office supplies, florists, or pest control services. The keywords for these web searches are fairly obvious, and the products are universally understood by the market. Consequently, it’s imperative that these types of products and services be found online, and their websites should be optimized to capture efficiently and convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

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